A range of tools developed by project collaborators are available below

    • DSMTools - an interactive web based DSM Mapping tool (still very much in draft)
    • slga: Data Access Tools for the Soil and Landscape Grid of Australia. Provides access to soil and landscape grid of Australia raster datasets via existing open geospatial consortium web coverage services.
    • tangles: Anonymization of Spatial Point Patterns and Raster Objects. Spatial data anonymization preserves confidentiality. Using methods described in Zandbergen (2014), spatial data anonymization is achieved by dithering original spatial coordinates with combinations of randomized vertical, horizontal and rotational shifts. This can apply to non-grid spatial point patterns and raster objects, and the methods preserve the same spatial characteristics and relationships of the original data. Unique hash keying enables data subjected to anonymization sequences to be re-identified where required.